Fitness Of Body, Soul and Mind

Have you ever asked the question, WHO am I, What is my identity? How do my thought and feeling interact with the body? Who feels the Emotion, Sympathy, Anger, Tension, Happiness, Bliss and How? In simple words, the nonphysical consciousness is the stumbling block for pure science. The Soul (Purusha) is pure consciousness, somehow tainted by a predominant influence of Prakriti (Yin). Thereafter, under the influence of ignorance, it conjures up ego and the concept of “I” and “Me” is born, shrouded in all kinds of predispositions. Predispositions or Sanskars are impressions in the subconscious mind, which is a kind of record of the soul’s past experiences and actions and is the basis of the individual Soul’s individuality. The soul is separate from the Brain, which is a complex organ made of matter and its properties. The soul is pure consciousness, how it reacts with physical matter, still remains unclear.

The Authentic Meaning Of Yoga

Yoga is not just exercise routine. Yoga is an ancient philosophy that believes in pure consciousness as the ultimate reality, shrouded by the duality of mind and body (Prusha and Prakriti). Yoga helps to balance the mind and body, taking the individual self closer to universal life force emanating from the supreme self. The significance of yoga is not in exercise but in meditation. Yoga is stepping stone towards self-realisation. Thus it is not just twisting or stretching the body to perform certain asanas or postures but to balance the mind and body for the attainment of prime knowledge and wisdom

What Is ‘Pranayama’?

Pranayama is popularly understood as a variety of breathing exercises. However, there is more to it. Apart from filling the lungs with fresh oxygen, the purpose of Pranayama is to use the effective air circulation in the physical body to influence the flow of Prana or energy in the Pranamaya Kosha or the energy Sheathe enwrapping our body.

Chakra Yoga

Our “I” or me-centric life is the main barrier to our intellectual development. Maybe you are lucky to be rich and good-looking or have a good job, good car, good connection, yet do not engage your mind in self-cherishing. Instead of clinging to your destructive false ego, enlighten your intellect to make space for others in this awesome wide world.

Yoga Based Remedies

This category of Yoga sets down specific postures, movements and a regulated lifestyle that strengthens one’s antitoxin antibodies which helps to ward off germs and diseases. Regular practice of preventive yoga improves the function of the respiratory system, digestive system, blood circulatory system, skeletal system, nervous system, glandular system, and reproductive system.
The improved body functions increase immunity and resistance against Asthma, Acidity, Hyper Tension, Spondylosis, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, Obesity, Amenorrhoea, Diabetes, and Sinusitis. We know that prevention is better than cure. So prevention from disease is the way to achieve health. Because the lack of disease is called health. But how can we achieve that health? By practicing 20-30 minutes Yoga regularly we can achieve that health.