10 Never Heard Benefits of Garlic

The Benefits Of Garlic have internationally acclaimed the French in particular, use garlic in most of their recipes Looks beautiful, smells horrible, tastes repulsive (when raw), yet added to your cooking and meal turns delicious. It not only makes food delicious, but benefits of garlic are also uncountable. You must be wondering what am I talking about? Nothing more than innocent garlic bulb, oozing with nutrition.

Benefits of Garlic

1. Main active garlic ingredient, allicin, increase the activity of nitric oxide which helps to decrease plasma volume and vasoconstriction and increases H2S production and hyperpolarization of vascular smooth muscle cells. Thus garlic reduces blood cholesterol level, blood pressure, and risk of heart attack. It protects blood vessels from plaque building and fat deposition and keeps blood flow normally.

2. Garlic helps WBC production which protects from fungal infection. Helps to reduce influenza and respiratory diseases.

3. As garlic reduces the loss of bone mineral density, is beneficial for joint pain and arthritis patients.

4. Allicin present in garlic helps to reduce tumor size and protects colon cancer, gallbladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and rectal cancer.

5. Inhibits glycosylation and reduces blood sugar level and risk of organ damage.

6. Beneficial for insomnia and dental problems.

7. Phytoncide of garlic controls asthma and bronchial problems.

8. Sulfur present in garlic stimulates the liver to make detoxifying enzymes which removes toxins and purifies blood and increases infection-fighting cells (macrophages, NK cells) and boosts immunity power.

9. Increases thermogenesis and inhibits adipogenesis (fat cell accumulation). Thus helps in weight control.

10. Removes digestive disorders and constipation.
This smelly superfood was given to Olympic athlete for enhanced performance and strength.