Alternative Remedies

alternative remedies

Alternative remedies are mainly nature based, consisting of herbs and spices and fruits and vegetables. In a wider sense it may include diet and recipes, also physical and mental exercise and lifestyle changes.

Having diabetes should not prevent one from enjoying a wide variety of foods. Even if one has diabetes, one can still have great tasting foods. How much and what type of food one takes is the main factor. There is no such thing as a strict diabetic diet plan, however there are certain guidelines which will help one to lead life with ease.This site is a starting point to help one eat well when he/she becomes diabetic. Every year thousands of people face Kidney problems, loss of eye sight or Heart and Nerves related complications. So the diet should be such, that will help controlling the sugar levels and also protect the patients from numerous additional complications.

Here we will discuss about certain particular vegetables and natural herbs. Many researchers have found that certain plant compounds, found in some common foods can stimulate cells in the pancreas.

For ease of searching we have classified alternative remedies under three separate headings – Herbal remedies, Fruits and Remedial Vegetables. You will get all these when you purchase the Solution to Diabetes.