Arthritis Diet & Lifestyle

Arthritis Diet

A proper diet lifestyle should be followed while you are suffering from arthritis. Make the journey from where you are to where you should be, pleasant interesting and fruitful. With this aim in mind let us get busy with yoga meditation, breathing exercises and a thorough review of the food that we are consuming (arthritis diet). We have discussed about yoga meditation and breathing exercises at length in our “Solution to Arthritis” program, here let us discuss the nitty-gritty of diet for arthritis prevention and management. Blending of Proper Diet Lifestyle with specified yoga postures can help the sufferers  to control arthritis.

What can I eat to help my joints ?
Plenty of foods can help.
Follow a diet low in processed food and saturated fats and rich in fruits, vegetable, fish, nuts and beans.

Studies confirm eating right foods can do the following:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Protect against chronic conditions ranging from cancer to stroke, which often adds more misery to arthritis patient.
  • Help arthritis by curbing inflammation.
  • Benefit the joints as well as the heart.
  • Lead to weight loss which helps hugely reduce pressure on leg joints and spinal chord.

Arthritis diet or Mediterranean diet or anti inflammatory diet are conducive to arthritis sufferers.

The key foods that are good for joint health are:

  • Fish – 3 or 4 ounces of fish twice a week. More is better. Some fish contain inflammation fighting omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements helps to reduce joint pain and swelling particularly among people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. Salmon, tuna, herring, anchovies and scallops.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Plenty of studies based on science and diet unanimously uphold the view that regular consumption of generous portions of nuts and seeds rich in vitamin B6, reduce inflammation of the limbs in arthritis sufferers. Nuts are packed with inflammation fighting monounsaturated fat. Eat plenty of walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and almonds.
  • Fruits and veggies – At least 6 servings daily. Fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants. The potent chemical found in fruits and veggies act as the bodies natural defense system helping to neutralize unstable molecules call free radical that can damage cell. Anthocyanins found in colorful fruits and vegetables reduce inflammatory markers in the blood.
  • Olive Oil – Loaded with heart healthy fats, reduce pain and inflammation.  2 table spoon to be taken daily.
  • Whole grains – Contain plenty of filling fiber, which can help you to maintain healthy weight and reduce inflammation. Whole wheat flour, oat meal, brown rice and quinoa.

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arthritis diet