Dr. Kabul Gupta is an eminent astrologer from India who is practicing Astrology since 1963. He started learning  Astrology under the tutorship of his eminent father late Sri Souren Gupta (practiced since 1933-1983) since his 17 years of age. After completing Bachelor of Science from the famous Calcutta University in 1963, he started practicing professionally. He was awarded the title “Jyotisharnab”, a high accolade in astrology and many degrees in field of Astrology. He is acknowledged for his original thinking in astrology with complete scientific approach by the Scientists and Educationists of the Government of India and overseas. Apart from his deep knowledge of Astrology, he is highly innovative with original thinking. He has written many books in collaboration with his talented father. Those books are now edited and will be published as EBooks in near future. Many eminent personalities including Presidents of various countries, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Film personalities, Government officials, industrialists took able guidance of Late Shri SourenGupta and Shri Kabul Gupta. They were always pleased with the predictions, gem suggestions and advices rendered to them by Shri Kabul Gupta.


Dr. Ranaraj Gupta is the son of Shri Kabul Gupta who is following the heritage as third generation. He is also a student of Astrology since 1997. Apart from Astrology, Ranaraj is recognized as a scientist with independent thinking in the world of science and education in India. He is an Electronics & Communication Engineer, Homeopath and also hold a a post graduate degree in Foreign Langauge. He renders his expertise at Calcutta University, Rabindra Bharati University and also at Council of Scientific & Industrial Research of Government of India.