Belly fat, once starts to build around the waist region is very difficult to lose by only doing exercise. Some foods you consume can also make this issue worse. We are listing a few items to avoid as they tend to build belly fat.


Unhealthy in general as apart from providing large amounts of sugar, it also has empty calories that add excess weight. Your body, especially in the mid-section, will have a hard time burning this sugar off. One of the causes of obesity is high fructose corn syrup. Some are tricked to believed diet sodas are a good alternative. This is not true since such products contain artificial sweeteners which contribute to bad health. The best solution is drinking plain water with added lime juice to make it tasty.


Sweet desserts have almost being excluded from food recipes of quick weightloss program. However
uncooked snacks and desserts made from raw healthy ingredients not only give pleasure to eat, but can be the source of extremely healthy and nutritious providing vitamins, minerals and other essentials. Even reduced fat and low calorie dessert should be consumed in moderation. Refined sugars are present in most desserts, and such sugars are responsible for weight gain. It is better to consume healthy fruits instead of candies, cookies and cakes.
Processed food
Processed food should be avoided at all cost. The fries, shakes and burgers have non essential carbohydrates, fats and calories.

Whole milk

Whole milk is an excellent source of calcium and other nutrients in spite of high fat content. Adults do not need whole milk unless they are trying to gain weight. To maintain your healthy weight and avoid belly fat, you should drink skimmed milk. Unsweetened almond or soy milk is becoming popular and is not harmful.

Potato chips

Potato chips, are one of the most popular types of snack, and are usually cooked in hydrogenated oils. This type of oil is called trans fat, and it is responsible for weight increase and heart disease. Chips that have not been cooked using hydrogenate oils will have high fat amounts from the oils they are fried in. better options for chips should be low fat and baked potato chips.