Benefits of yoga exercises


Exercise should be crucial part of your diabetic management plan. When one exercises, the body muscles use glucose or sugar to supply the energy. Gym type exercise or simple running, cycling and brisk walking and even participating in games are all good physical exercises. However, as humans we also require mental exercises. Mind and body forms one complex whole. We advice exercise or yoga for diabetes consisting of physical postures or asanas, mind exercises in the form of meditation, mindful concentration and breathing exercises or pranayama, as the ideal form of exercise.

Benefits of Yoga:

A remarkable proven method of managing and in many cases, completely curing diabetes, is regular practice of yoga meditation and breathing control. Exercise for diabetes provides yoga postures for all age groups and of varied physical strength and stamina. The gentle exercise of yoga postures, together with deep breathing, concentrated meditation and visualization, creates the ground for gradual uplifting of health and all round well being.

Yoga therapy for diabetes as listed in this program is a way to treat the condition naturally. The yoga program for diabetes should be followed in conjunction with the patients regular medical treatment as long as that is necessary. If you are taking main stream prescription medicine, you must discuss about introducing new program, with your doctor. Some natural herbs and spices tend to reduce blood sugar considerably, therefore all precautions should be taken to ensure that the blood sugar level do not reach a extremely low level and leave the patient in risk of other complications. In short, the medicines and the alternative procedures should be well balanced. The diabetics who are new to yoga are advised to work the simpler poses first before trying the advanced ones. Diabetes is a disease related to impaired glucose tolerance of the body. Insulin functioning is affected. The symptoms are frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger.

  • Type I, where there is scarcity in production of insulin, medicines should be continued and side by side yoga exercises and simple meditation will definitely improve the general health condition and make the unfortunate situation manageable to a great extent.Yoga will also boost bodies immune system, whereby the secondary problems will be curtailed and life span increased.
  • Type II, can be more effectively managed with regular yoga practice and following a healthy yoga diet.

The postures included in this package create pressure at the pancreas which helps to keep the sugar level at normal range. It also stimulates the islets of Langerhans region of pancreas which controls blood sugar level through the production of insulin as required by the body.The postures also enhance oxygen supply to the pancreas which keeps the organ healthy. Some yoga postures improve the function of thyroid, adrenal and pancreatic glands, thus helping to keep the sugar level in normal range. The benefits of yoga meditation practice, even for a short time every day, are:

  • The exercises or asana will help to relax and rejuvenate different parts of your body
  • The breathing exercises and mindful concentration, draw in oxygen and rid the body of toxins.
  • You will be enlightened and will live as your true self.
  • Awakening of the Heart plexus or chakra will enable you to discover love with least effort and you will radiate a pleasantly loving aura.
  • You will feel a new zest for life and will undoubtedly live much longer than you would otherwise.
  • Your stress will melt away, you will lose weight naturally, and it will be easy to quit smoking, drinking and other destructive habits.
  • You will improve your lung function and blood flow.
  • You will strengthen immunity in your body and so the cause of all diseases will vanish.
  • Your energy or vibration frequency could be the one thing holding you back from abundance, happiness and success. A well balanced yoga-meditation routine will facilitate the level of beneficial energy. Fear, anger and shame vibrate at low frequency; love, joy and peace vibrate at high frequency. Performance of chakra yoga and meditation is reputed to clear energy blockages and accelerate the vibration frequency.
  • Yoga for Diabetes Program will lay down the path to purposeful life, conducive environment and an all-round spiritual uplifting. Purposeful meditation will put an end to destructive habits like blame, judgmental arguments and baseless criticism and improve communication skill.