Chakra Yoga

Our “I” or me-centric life is the main barrier to our intellectual development. Maybe you are lucky to be rich and good-looking or have a good job, good car, good connection, yet do not engage your mind in self-cherishing. Instead of clinging to your destructive false ego, enlighten your intellect to make space for others in this awesome wide world.

Meditation gives deep rest to the mind and facilitates to connect to an inner source of energy. After meditation the mind becomes calm, concentration is sharp, clarity of perception is increased. All this brings about an unshakable inner strength, resulting in a vast improvement of communication skills and perks up all-around talent.

Meditation is intertwined with yoga. Yoga is not just an odd posture or movement. For thousands of years, the Yogis have systematically and logically tried and tested and then declared the few yoga postures and movements that can prepare your mind to slip into meditation with the least effort.
The yoga postures or asanas are practiced to improve one’s health condition, to facilitate strength and stamina to sit comfortably in one posture for an extended period, which is necessary for meditation. Developing body strength enables one to control the mind and energy as well. Yogasanas or the exercise postures are the tools for self-discovery and higher awareness, needed for a stable foundation necessary to explore the breath, mind, body and higher experiences. Thus physical exercise, in the form of yoga asana are the first step in yoga practice. According to the philosophy of yoga, the body is the gross form of mind or consciousness. The practice of yoga integrates the two.

It is believed that there are seven chakras or centers of subtle life force. In Mantra yoga full instruction is given to guide the flow of prana or subtle energy from one chakra to the other. This meditation is sound based, where a sound vibration is used in a specific way to give you complete relaxation and also keeps you alert. It helps the mind to stay in the present moment and let’s go all stress and tension.

Yoga signifies union, a connection between the individual and the universal self. Human mind always longed for something beyond his own body and mind. It was obvious that an individual existence consists of a physical reality and an undeniable mental or spiritual reality. In an effort to break the barrier between the two, chakra system evolved. The bioenergetic ladder of the seven chakras will take you to the inner depth of life. Study of chakras is a study of the architecture of the soul.