Eat fruits in wrong time and gain weight!

We all know eating fruits is healthy. Did you know, you can make your consumed fruit to work for you to reduce weight instead of adding weight. All that is required is to time the fruity eating routine.

Not After meal:

There is a myth that eating fruit after a meal is very good. But it is very hard to digest fruits after meal. It creates several health issues like indigestion, heartburn etc and increases weight.

In the Morning:

Eating fruit in an empty stomach in the morning is best though many people believe that it may cause acidity. In empty stomach water and fiber of fruits are digested easily and all nutrients are absorbed in our body and promote fat loss. Eating fruits in the morning removes toxins from the body. It will boost your energy level.

With Food:

It is very harmful to eat fruits with meal. It causes indigestion and promotes weight gain. Variety of fruits can be consumed at a time but not with meal.

Between meals:

We take three main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ideal time to eat fruits is one hour before or three hours after a meal. Fruits can be eaten between the gap of two main meal.

Before to bed:

Avoid fruits before to sleep. Eating fruit before bed will improve energy level as it contains glucose and it can interrupt your sleep.

With milk:

It is better to avoid fruit with milk. A small amount of fruit can be consumed with coconut or nut milk. Dry fruits can be eaten with milk.