Implications of body soul and mind

‘Body Soul & Mind’ is an inseparable entity and maintaining Fitness of Body Soul & Mind is mandatory for achieving the highest goal of one’s life.

We are fully aware of body and mind but where is the Soul? Some say soul is non-existent, others show no interest in knowing about the soul. So far a categorical denial of soul by science has pushed such discussion into the realm of philosophy and religion.

It is widely believed that there are two categories of soul. Individual Soul – Jivatma and the Supreme Soul – The Paramatma. The individual soul is an image or reflection of the supreme soul, just as the one Sun is reflected in multiple pools of water. In its untainted state, Soul is the ultimate indestructible reality. Science disputes Soul as alive. To science a living object is a complex mechanism, powered by electrochemical sparks and triggers, but physical energy has no consciousness. However amazing a machine the body may be, it is the presence of non physical conscious energy, in the form of Soul, which makes it function, the way it does..      Read More...

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Self Healing Art Of Qigong is considered as a meditative Movement
Qigong is a form of meditation and physical exercises. These exercises are meant to attract active and vital sources of energy for your body and mind. Qigong is not only taking part in physical exercises but it has more to do with understanding your inner body and thoughts. Qigong seeks to make a connection between body and soul. Qigong is the art of healing by using the power of your peace of mind...   Read More...

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