How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Is it really possible to lose weight without dieting? For centuries people have followed one diet after another, and more often than not they do lose weight. But is that the only way to lose weight?
Believe it or not, it’s very possible to lose weight without dieting – or what most of us think of as dieting anyway.
“Dieting” to most of us, means counting calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams, or reducing our consumption of specific foods (or eliminating them altogether).
The actual definition of diet is “food and drink regularly consumed”. We all have a diet we follow – some help us lose weight, and some don’t.
By this definition, we can see that we should be able to improve the QUALITY of our diets without actually counting anything or even giving up our favorite foods.
Here are some easy ways to start:
1 – Get Your Head on Straight. Your body image is all in your head – and it seeps out into your physical environment according to the actions you take each day. If you keep holding a negative perception of yourself, you are going to be more prone to unhealthy lifestyle habits.
On the other hand, if you start changing the way you see yourself, you’ll start gravitating toward actions that match that improved perception.
2 – Listen to Your Body Your body will tell you everything you need to know about which foods are good for you, and which aren’t. Have you ever noticed how sluggish you feel after eating a heavy meal? Or how fast food only makes you crave more fast food? Or how refined sugar wreaks havoc on your mood and energy level?
Pay close attention to how your body feels during and after meals, and you’ll get a very clear picture about which foods are in harmony with your body and which are not.
This requires a bit of willpower because even if your body says “no thank you” to a specific food, your mind might be saying, “Wow, that looks good”. You have to be willing to set your mental preferences aside and allow your body to lead the way.
3 – Treat Yourself with Love. Start making all of your lifestyle decisions from a state of self-love. When you truly start loving yourself, you’ll find it harder and harder to treat your body poorly. Instead, you will feel compelled to treat your body well – eating healthful meals and taking much better care of yourself.
4. Introduce simple yoga meditation in your daily life. Even if you are attending a Gym regularly, 15 minutes spent daily, practicing few yoga postures, easy meditative routines and corrective breathing exercises will dramatically change your attitude to life, directing you to the right and the most coveted path in each sphere of your life, where losing weight will never be an issue. As in that process, you will be training not just your body but your mind as well…
These four small steps can make a huge difference in your ability to lose weight without dieting. It may take time to fully transition to the non-diet mindset, but doing so can make your life a lot more peaceful, even while your body is becoming a lot more healthy and manageable.