Is Arthritis Affected by Weather?


Is-arthritis-affected-by-weather? Well it is believed that, arthritis joint pain is directly affected by the weather and barometric pressure. In 1960, Dr. J. Hollander, an arthritis specialist demonstrated, how increased humidity and reduced barometric pressure, increases stiffness and joint pain in arthritis patients. He also added, during high barometric pressure, pain in fibromyalgia sufferers increases. But finally, no link between weather change and increase in arthritis pain, were found. Any alteration in weather generates an effect on patient’s mind that, this weather change will make conditions worse.


It is believed that cold and rainy season, reduces air pressure. This pressure reduction causes body tissue expansion, that also causes more swelling and pain in inflamed areas. But another theory suggests that with lowering of temperature level, arthritis joint pain reduces. Probably, cold season makes them happy, as they feel comfortable, which makes them active and do exercise and yoga postures regularly, which keeps pain under control. Too often, arthritis sufferers give excuses of weather change for severity  in their level of pain.


Several natural factors that are believed to affect arthritis pain:


i)  Air Pressure or barometric pressure: Drop in air pressure in stormy weather causes increase in pain and aches.


ii) Precipitation: Precipitation means entering of water into ground. Water may be rain water, snow, hail and sleet. This process is also responsible for alteration of air pressure and humidity.


iii) Humidity: Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in air. During summer, arthritis pain is promoted by increase in humidity which measures the amount of water vapor related to moisture present in air at certain temperature.


iv)Temperature: Changes in air or barometric pressure causes fluctuation in temperature. Cold weather stimulates joint pain and stiffness in arthritis patient.


Though some changes in climate promotes pain, stiffness and swelling in arthritis sufferers, there is no scientific proof and explanation of it. 


In conclusion, there is no environment, temperature wise or pressure wise, in which one can live without arthritis pain. So far experiments in this field has not arrived at a conclusive result on effect of weather and air pressure on arthritis sufferers. If you are arthritis sufferer, do not worry too much about hot and cold temperatures, whatever the climate, do exercises regularly and more  importantly have nutritious diet in all meal time, which will undoubtedly reduce pain in all kinds of arthritis. Fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices can work wonder in reducing inflammation and pain in a arthritis riddled body, particularly regular intake of turmeric, berries and citrus fruits.


Similarly physical exercises have immense advantages in reducing pain and long term healing.