Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which is also called degenerative arthritis. It usually starts developing at 45 on wards and is commonly known as the wear and tear arthritis because the cartilage or the natural cushion between the joints is damaged or as we commonly say; wears out. When the cartilage is begin to wear out or it damages due to accidents etc, the body is not capable of growing it in big scale, apart from minor repairs. As a result the bones of the joint frequently rub with each other resulting in pain, swelling, redness, stiffness, decreased ability to walk or move about, formation of bone spurs and later flu due to infection. Osteoarthritis affects the knee joints, elbows, neck, lower back region, hands and hips. It occurs due to old age, obesity problem, previous joint injuries or it may be hereditary. Modern day health experts say a weak thigh muscle is yet another reason for developing osteoarthritis at an early stage. Completely curing arthritis of this nature may not be possible but our yoga and diet program, if followed regularly will, without any doubt keep the disease under control and if the patient is lucky may reverse the course of the disease.
Early symptoms of the disease mostly appear in the knee, lower back region and hip joints because they are mostly the weight bearing areas in the body. The inflammations of these joints cause extreme pain and stiffness which results in the loss of flexibility of the regions. The sufferers gradually become inactive making it difficult for the patients to walk, climb stairs, sleep, or perform other daily tasks.

Diagnosis for Osteoarthritis:

It is advised to consult your physician once you come across any of the above mentioned symptoms. Your health expert will take down your detailed medical history and would perform various possible medical examinations.
Treatment for Osteoarthritis:
There isn’t any specific treatment for osteoarthritis other than recommended physical therapy, trying to maintain your body’s overall fitness and choosing your diet properly.

Diet tips for osteoarthritis patients:

• Eat more fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetables.
• Cut down on food that tends to increase your body’s calorie level.
• Omega 3 fatty acids are vital as it can reduce your joint pain and cut down on morning stiffness.
• Try and get enough of natural Vitamin C.
• Replace the other fats that you use with Olive oil.
• Add a zest of fresh ginger in your daily diet to reduce the joint inflammation and pain.

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