Solution to Sinusitis




Sinusitis is a condition in the nasal area. The lining of the sinus become inflamed usually caused by viral infection. Sinus are air filled spaced surrounding the cavity of the nose. There are ducts joining the sinus areas with the nasal cavity. During common cold these ducts get inflamed and blocked causing pain in that area.






Blocked nose


Facial Discomfort and pain


Fever and headach


Sore throat and cough


Loss of smelling capability


Running nose


Nasal congestion


Cough, fever, headach, pain in the nasal areas, nasal discharge.


In extreme cases bad breath, swollen eyes and bad cough.







Breathing polluted air constantly and prolonged cold causing nose blockage.


Sinusitis becomes recurring due to repeated viral or bacterial infection.





Preventive measures are avoiding pollution and frequent hand washing, maintaining cleanliness and being on nutritious diet.






You Will Get :


6 Asana (Exercise Poses with instruction)


3 Breathing exercises


2 pranayamas


1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions


Diet guidelines.