Sugar has harmful influence on our body and mind

Just at the end of a meal we eagerly look out for some sweet and sumptuous desert, all sugary and yummy! But how many of us know that of all the food consumed today; refined sugar is considered to be one of the most poisonous and harmful foods that are ruining your health.
Those who are too asked to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners are the other option and knowingly or unknowingly we consume food products which are rated as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol.
A lump of it in your beverage or a cup full of it turns your muffins delicious- its actually impossible to omit sugar from our daily diet and we can thus be concluded as a bunch of Pavlovian population made up of the white crystals, treacle, and toffee addicts, drawn to the taste of sweetness like the bees to honey.
Most of the regular sugar lovers are aware of the fact by now that sugar influences behavior and it shows in our kids. They are truly addictive towards the candies, lollipops, lozenges etc. You can easily get them to do the work with a lolly in their hand.
Imbalanced intake of sugar does affect an adult’s mental health too. Irritation fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, anger, and sudden mood swings are the causes of the toxic substance present in the refined sugar and as a result, recent day health expert’s advice is to quit these poisonous crystals called “sugar”.
In recent time people are victims of various types of inflammations some of which are due to sugar. It has the direct inflammatory effects on the body, causing sugar aches which mean its associated insulin spike or glycation affects the circulating sugar on the proteins. Stiff joints, achy muscles, migraines, asthma and so on are promoted by sugar which keeps on increasing day by day unless sugar consumption decreases. Inflammation fuels up some major mental illness such as stress, fatigue, and insomnia.
Sugar intake boosts the fat intake which results in weight gain and later on ailments that’ll derail your body from the natural hormonal discharge as well. The sugar level in our blood shoots up and the body gradually shuts down on the production of progesterone to support further cortisol output. The stress level in your body keeps rising high affecting your sex life, reducing the liver function, polycystic ovarian syndrome and sleepless nights.
Especially for kids who are developing their nutritional foundation, immunity, hormonal balance or metabolism system can shatter the system with a regular intake of refined sugar.
Excessive sugar intake can have fatal effects on diabetics. Both type 1 and type 2 sufferers have to cut down on sugar intake drastically, as the carbohydrates in ordinary food, flood the blood with glucose or sugar. Sugar is, of course, essential to fortify the muscles and limbs with energy, yet unless the intake of sugar is controlled, there is the risk of weight gain and diabetes.
It’s high time that we teach our sweet tooth to be liberal on natural food by eliminating sugar that has a harmful influence on mind and body.