Tibetan Palmistry

It is widely believed that the entire universe, planet, sun, moon, energy strata all around us influence everything in our life. Astrology has its base in astronomy. This is manifested clearly in an astrologer’s effort to chart out horoscopes with Reference to the exact time of birth and the possible planetary influences.
The planetary influence sometimes causes a problem in life. The astrologer’s duty is to give advice on possible remedies and to advise on potentials of his client to enable him to plan for success in his life. Also to advise on the potential danger to life and health is anxiety and guide for making major decisions of life. The basis of astrology was prevalent and widely used in many parts of the world from a very ancient time.
Palmistry as we know it is an interpretation of lines on the palm. A comprehensive reading of the hand takes into account is overall shape, the texture, and color of the skin. Some believe that the lines are formations resulting from the flow of vital energy passing through the body. The most important lines in the palm are headline, half-line, and lifeline. Ideally, a line should be well-formed and clear of markings. The lines with islands forks and breaks indicate discord and weakness. A palmist tries to foretell a person’s future by observing the sizes, qualities, and inter-section of the line. When things are going fine one does not feel the need of an astrologer or palmist. As soon as things start to go wrong there is growing interesting astrology springing from the desire to find the reason for unforeseen disasters and also some astrologers prescribe actions to be taken to limit the loss and put life in the right path.
During middle ages, palmistry was actively suppressed by the Catholic churches as Pagan superstitions.
Tibetan Palmistry by SumS:
The mother nature is mysterious with countless secrets embedded within her. The ancient wise men observed that just as tide formation in the sea is caused by moon’s energy, similarly our human body is affected by the stars, the moon and the planetary vibrations which influence our development. The glands and organs in our body absorb cosmic vibrations, for example, the planet Jupiter is believed to influence our pituitary gland.
In ancient Egypt, ancient India, and ancient Tibet many types of research were done by the then scientists. They usually preserve their wisdom in hand-drawn forms and sketches and by Sruty or verbal reporting. Thus without much preservable record secret wisdom was passed by mouth from teacher to disciple. The Tibetan Lamas observe a mysterious connection between human bodies and cosmic bodies.
Among the many secrets of mother nature, they were intrigued by the noticeable Influence of the vibration of cosmic bodies in the universe on various energy Points and organs of our human bodies. They believed that primary points that Absorb the cosmic energy vibrations are located along a vein within our spinal cord, starting from the very bottom and finishing at the top of the head. The first point situated at the base of the spinal cord was named Muladhara Chakra. This area is believed to absorb energy, vibrations from Saturn and mars an unhindered mars vibration is the giver of prosperity and good health. This vibration forms itself as a red triangle in Muladhara point. They also believed that in this area there was a concentration of 5 elements – space, air, fire, water, and earth. If this chakra begins weak- disease, poverty and weak financial condition take hold. They found that the human chakra conditions reflected on the science in human palms. Thus a weak Muladhara chakra would reflect on the mount of Mars, which is beside the thumb. There will be some signs like grills or abrupt lines or black spots or a cross sign to indicate a weak Muladhara chakra. The remedy would be to empower the chakra. The lama discovers mysterious sound which they termed Mantras to heal different chakras. They believed that if the root cause of an infliction could be removed or cures then automatically anything would be good.
This technology of observing cosmic vibrations through palm reading and analysis of the birth chart or horoscopes and it’s the effect on those cosmic vibrations absorbing Points in our body is the essence of Tibetan astrology.
They identify 7 chakras-
• 1) Base or root chakra, in the area of last bone in the spinal cord
• 2) The sacral chakra, in ovaries and prostate area.
• 3) Solar plexus chakra, in the naval area.
• 4) Heart chakra in the heart area.
• 5) Throat chakra in throat and neck area.
• 6) Brow or third eye chakra in the pineal gland or third eye area.
• 7) Crown chakra at the top of the head.
The planetary vibrations affect our chakras and nerve centers either positively or negatively. Tibetan astrology tries to ascertain the negative cosmic vibrations of the human body and it’s effects on chakras and then tries to remedy the problems. It further believes that what we see and what we do not see, everything is energized by the supreme energy and from that Supreme Energy different vibrations of specific types occurred in the entire universe the planets, stars, and satellites have individual vibrations. Those vibrations vibrate on everything. As for example, tide occurs due to the energy vibration of the moon.
In our body also some vibrations are not reactive, some vibrations affect positively, some vibrations go in a negative way.
Astrological researchers noted that the planet Venus cosmic vibration has a strong effect on roses hence it is believed that rose incense carries positive vibrations thus where rose incense burns prosperity, good health, and beauty is supposed to be there. Where violence and brutality is there, the negative vibration of mars is there.
Besides the main 7 chakra points in our body, there are some hidden mysterious chakras or points which also absorbed different cosmic vibrations, some positive some negative.
The lamas of Tibet were a keen observer of these vibrations. They observed that in the palm there is a reflection of these vibrations from which it can be judged which chakra is absorbing positive cosmic energy and which chakra is absorbing negative cosmic energy.
If by another specific vibration the negative energy affected chakra can be healed then automatically the negative energy will disappear and the individual gets natural enormous positive energies in every aspect of his / her life.
In all attempts to rectify the flow of energy in the chakra areas, chakra foods play a vital role to empower the chakra, so that negative vibrations can be checked. Eg. If Muladhara i.e. Saturn is weak then a diet of red foods, dark chocolates, and animal food are good.
Astro Tibetan Palmist SumS has read thousands of palms and studied many birth charts. During a journey through Rudra Prayag in the Himalayas and a very old Lama taught him some secrets of Tibetan astrology, which apparently were passed on to the Lama by his Guru who lived in Tibet for more than hundred years. He also gave SumS a bundle of old testaments almost crumbling, written in old Tibetan script. SumS tried to understand and apply the newly acquired knowledge only to be astonished at the success and accuracy of tracking down the positive and negative vibrations and applying the methods of cure on his clients.
In short Astro, Tibetan Palmistry is not so-called future telling palmistry but it is the process of identifying and dissolve the negative and evil energies of the body so that human body can only get positive cosmic vibrations of the supreme consciousness.
Benefits of the Tibetan Astrology –
If a person can know which point or which chakra is weak and if she/he heals that point or chakra, then naturally all the negative vibrations will stop and the person will be overflowed with positive energies. The result of which will be happiness, good health, and prosperity. In the long run, the person will likely to attain Buddha-hood, spiritual wisdom.
Astrologer SumS believed future-making is more important than future telling. In spite of his vast experience, SumS is still doing more research on this secret Astro Tibetan Palmistry of the Lamas of ancient impenetrable Tibet. SumS is researching on the process which the ancient Lamas practiced to make themselves and their disciples happy to attain spiritual enlightenment.
Chakras are subtle centers in the energetic system of a living organism that taken and give out energy. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and they are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions. So, if they are in balance we will be holistically in balance.
Tibetan Astrology is based on eight features :
• 1. Mounts and their connection with chakras in the body.
• 2. Various mysterious signs in the palm.
• 3. Taking sun sign zodiac in the palm.
• 4. Paramount and other favorable vibrations.
• 5. Identifying disturbing vibrations.
• 6. Numerology in connection with paramount, date of birth and name.
• 7. Planetary positions in the birth chart and their relation with chakras.
• Remedies
Remedies include :
• 1. Specific Chakra meditation.
• 2. Specific Chakra foods.
• 3. Specific Color Therapy.
• 4. Specific Seed (Bija) Mantra.
• 5. Specific Rudraksha Bead.
• 6. Specific Metal.
• 7. Specific gemstone.