What is Preventive Yoga

If you are perfectly healthy, you can still do the yoga exercises and meditation illustrated here, in order to stay in perfect health. Stop reaching out for the pills unless it is necessary and you could be adding years to your life. The beliefs and thought processes of a human mind greatly influence the body function. At every instant the mind is flooding the cells throughout the body, with information and orders. When the harmony of mind body coordination is disrupted through illness, therapy or toxic blockage of energy flow the healthy body becomes a victim of illnesses.
Preventive yoga uses yoga postures and meditation as a healing journey that brings balance to the body and mind through an enjoyable journey of easy poses and breathing exercises. Yoga therapy is based on natural way to heal. Its core purpose is to heal both body and mind – whether you are suffering from depression, addiction, have diabetes or are overweight and looking for a better way of living.
Preventive yoga blends the movements that improve circulation, balance, flexibility and muscular strength. Meditation and breathing exercises unleash the power of the brain, leading to clarity of thought and superior memory and understanding. As you get used to its simple routines, your mental, emotional and physical condition will improve and all energy blockages and imbalances will give way to an optimum mind body condition. Preventive yoga is application of yoga techniques and practices to help individuals, facing health challenges, at any level and manage their condition, reduce symptoms, increase vitality and restore balance. Regular practice of yoga whether you are ill or in sound health, helps elderly men and women to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor that support the bladder and protect against incontinence.
Preventive yoga focuses on health and wellness challenges at all levels – physical, psychological, and spiritual. Our yoga meditation program ventures to line up a number of yoga postures, breathing processes and relaxation technique to suit individual needs.