Yoga for sports & fitness

Sports yoga is about creating balance. Only Sports Yoga offers the inimitable yoga for athletes. This effective program integrates movement, strength and breath work to help athletes excel, no matter their sport or ability level. Balance in the body – muscular capacity, flexibility, mobility and strength. Balance your life with work, family and your busy training schedule. Balance the body mentally, emotionally and physically. Balance between belief and reality. Balance in your training regime. The human body will perform better when not pushed to the limit.

Sports Yoga will create equilibrium in your training, creating a well-balanced athlete, a person who will enjoy their sport, live and love their game, accept the outcome, learn to let go and move on.

A sequential routine with specific yoga/meditation poses; I designed this program for sportsman and those of us whose flexibility may be challenged. This program reaches the athlete in all of us by improving balance, flexibility, power and stamina which can result in improved performance, injury reduction and faster recovery for everyone and athletes of all levels.
Take your Sport to higher level with Sports Yoga.

Under Sports Yoga, we have detailed various postures breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques which will help any sports person to gain flexibility, balance and ability to concentrate. They will also help to generate a healthy body full of strength and vitality irrespective of age or sex. It is now universally acknowledged that to play any sport whether it is Tennis, Football, Badminton or Cricket, the player has to continuously train his body and mind. To be able to hold a posture with steadiness and relaxation requires deep concentration and a steady mind. The asanas help to create Harmony and Balance between mind and body which goes a long way to provide the much needed skills of quick decision, right action, gracefulness and fluidity of movement.

To make a great sports person a balanced nutrition is important as well as exercise. Sports performance needs lot of energy. For getting more energy a balanced diet and large amount of water is required. In sports nutrition 2 major factors are water balance and energy fuel.
1. Fluid Balance:

Water plays a vital role in proper body functioning. As our body is made of sixty percent of water, every body function can not work without water. Through excretion(sweat or urine) body fluid removes waste products from our body. Without drinking a large amount of drink at a time it is better to drink small amount at short interval. Avoid cold beverages as it reduces body temperature and sweat amount. Drink al least 8 cups liquid per day.
2. Energy Fuel:

Sport nutrition should be balanced combination of carbohydrate, protein and fat which will provide lot of energy. Carbohydrate is the main source of fuel which can be obtained from rice, bread, cereals, fruits etc. Carbs provides energy and power which is necessary for physical activities.

As protein helps in muscle building, sports person should consume protein in large amount. Protein supplies calorie for long time. Eat lots of dairy, eggs, meats, fish and chicken, along with nuts and beans.
Another energy fuel source for sports activities is fat. Good fat should be consumed in moderate way. Though it is a necessary component in nutrition, the intake of fats should be strictly monitored. Excess fat consumption may lead to major health problems such as cancer and heart disease.